What is Psychotherapy? - Sittings With Psychologist Can Change Course of Life

by: Sanjay Kak

Life is full of challenges. The challenges can be social, emotional, physical and external factors originating from the society. Most of us are able to cope with our problems and often overcome pain and grief caused by these internal or external factors. Those who are unable to cope with problems of life due to various reasons need constructive help to heal and move in life.

People with continuing problems in their life or struggling with relational, emotional issues visit Psychologist for psychotherapy. In essence Psychotherapy is well defined process model focused on helping an individual to heal from problems of life and provide them a constructive way to deal with ongoing problems in life.

The reasons for taking Psychotherapy can be many. Mainly, it is due to increase in stress, which an individual is unable to bear and often ends up taking wrong decision in life. People break down under mounting stress from divorce, relational issues, business, job loss and due to challenges in new career.

The question is when should you visit a Psychologist? This answer will come from your Physician. Your physician will refer to a Psychologist based on your condition. The physician will recommend you to visit Psychologist for Psychotherapy therapy. The ongoing issues are hard for individual to deal and it is causing great deal of pain to them. Also it is not going away but continuing and causing more problem and pain to individuals.

The goal of psychotherapy is to make change in person's life and provide them strength and reasoning to think and react about the current issues and problems in life. Between patient and doctor a therapy plan is created. Psychologist will take patient to the root of the problem and help them in getting new perspective in life.

This helps patients to look at exiting issues with new perspective and gives them strength and confidence to deal with current problems in life. Depending upon the severity of mental health the therapy sessions are scheduled once in 2 weeks on once a month. The sessions can last for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

After few sessions of therapy the patient starts gaining confidence and clarity to deal with situation. With focused mind and with greater ability to judge the issues the decisions are made in right direction. After full course patients start feeling normal and is able to keep stress level down by taking right corrective decisions in life. The key to successful therapy is the individual's will to try therapy and listen to psychologist.