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108 W Jasper St, Versailles, MO 65084
Featured Article

When to See A Counselor, Doctor or Psychologist

by: Scott Wardell

Sometimes it's a difficult decision to make. You may be asking, "Does my child need to see a counselor or a doctor." This article will help you make that decision. There's a difference between all of these professional services that these individuals provide. The differences are listed below.

School Counselor

Your child's teacher(s) request that you speak with a school counselor.

Your child is receiving failing grades.

Your child continually reports that he or she is unhappy in school.

Your child is not willing to talk to you.

You see a big change in your child's behavior and academic performance.

There is a death in the family. This may include a pet.

You are concerned that your child is using drugs or chemicals.

You are concerned that your child is hanging around other children who are getting into trouble.

A family change, divorce that may affect school performance.

Psychologist or Clinic Counselor (Outside of School)

Your child talks, writes notes or you feel may try to hurt him or herself.

Your child runs away from home.

Your child continues to show anger or withdrawal behavior

Your child continues to challenge your authority at home and breaks rules that place the child in unsafe situations. (Examples: steals, uses physical force (hits), and continually lies)

A family change or death that may about an on-going emotional reaction.

Your child continually has sibling rivalries that do not end after you implement sibling rivalr strategies for change.

Medical Doctor or Psychiatrist

Your child attempts suicide.

Your child overdoses or misuses chemicals or drugs.

Your child is cutting or demonstrating self-injuring behaviors.

Your child continually reports that he or she is ill when you feel the child is well.

Your child has an eating disorder (bulimia or anorexia).

Your child has any physical or emotional signs that you feel are unusual.

Scott Wardell is a school counselor and created to provide parents with 100's of free parenting articles to assist parents with their parenting skills.