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Psychologists in, close to, nearby or around South Portland
Carol Lynn Kabacoff
(207) 899-4105
6 D St, South Portland, ME 4106
Susan Steinman Lcpc
(207) 799-5065
131 Ocean St, South Portland, ME 4106
Peters Anne Lcsw
(207) 799-0092
131 Ocean St, South Portland, ME 4106
Howaniec Barbara Psychotherapi
(207) 240-8995
460 Main St, South Portland, ME 4106
Peter Donnelly
(207) 767-7001
6 D St, South Portland, ME 4106
Debra Wallett Psychologis
(207) 799-5100
131 Ocean St, South Portland, ME 4106
Unger Lynne
(207) 799-9198
345 Cottage Rd, South Portland, ME 4106
St Thomas, Bruce
(207) 772-4789
545 Westbrook St, South Portland, ME 4106
Phd Jonathan Psychologist Birnberg
(207) 775-2220
609 Main St, South Portland, ME 4106
Christine J. Cooke Ph.D.
(207) 332-3872
254 Cottage Rd, South Portland, ME 4106
Nicoloff Lee Katherine Ph
(207) 799-1441
884 Broadway, South Portland, ME 4106
Moll Judith Lcsw
(207) 767-2500
345 Cottage Rd, South Portland, ME 4106
Claiborn James PhD
(207) 799-0408
6 D St, South Portland, ME 4106
Featured Article

Learned Helplessness and Self-Esteem - A Psychologist's Self-Help View on Creating Positive Attitude

by: Gerald Solfanelli

"Living Life on Life's Terms" means that there are certain things concerning life, about which we must adhere. For example, one of the "terms" of life is that we need to breathe air and drink water. One of the other "terms" is that sometimes bad things happen to good people. Nonetheless, we can learn from these experiences. One of the things that we often learn is that we do have choices.

Young circus elephants, for example, have often been trained to keep them from escaping, by tying them to a post, while they are still very young. After countless, fruitless attempts to free themselves, the baby elephants believe that they cannot escape. Eventually, even as strong, adult elephants, they will not attempt to flee. The elephants have leaned to be helpless, despite their new reality.

Not unlike other animals, humans can mistakenly learn to be helpless. Unlike most other animals, however, we have the unique intellectual capacity to understand the nature of our limitations, in order to rise above them.

What we focus upon tends to become our experience. If we believe that we are "bad" and "deserve to be punished," then that becomes our reality. If we understand, however, that we were "victimized," that sometimes bad things do happen to good people, we can learn from our unfortunate experience that we still do have choices, despite our initial feelings of "learned helplessness." We can eventually "accept life on life's terms" that despite what happened, that does not make me who I am. I am a good person who has positive choices and deserves good things. This new, healthier perspective now becomes our reality, as we allow things to happen and do things, consistent with this empowering belief. Gerald Solfanelli is a Pennsylvania licensed psychologist and certified hypnotherapist in full-time private practice. He hosts his professional website that helps visitors simplify their overall healthcare, by improving their emotional health with psychology-related links, best-selling e-books, hypnosis and other FREE self-help programs. You can also visit his site for more information on the use of clinical hypnosis and its precautions.

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