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Criss, Dr Lott W
(601) 362-8392
4230 Council Cir, Jackson, MS 39206
Live Oak Psychological Associates PA
(601) 352-7398
1151 N State St, Jackson, MS 39202
Jolly John B Dr
(601) 355-8378
1600 N State St, Jackson, MS 39202
Manning Edward L PhD
(601) 984-5521
2500 N State St, Jackson, MS 39216
John L Cox Phd
(601) 352-7398
1151 N State St, Jackson, MS 39202
Brown James H Dr Psychologst R
(601) 982-2372
4614 Friar Cir, Jackson, MS 39211
Cypress Bend
(601) 982-8841
1855 Crane Ridge Dr Ste A, Jackson, MS 39216
Semko & Assoc
(601) 956-0862
1433 Woodfield Dr, Jackson, MS 39211
Scoggin Joe C Sr Dr PA
(601) 362-5468
1675 Lakeland Dr, Jackson, MS 39216
Rosen Tillie LCSW
(601) 982-8700
1855 Crane Ridge Dr, Jackson, MS 39216
Ronald S Drabman Phd Abpp
(601) 984-5855
2500 N State St, Jackson, MS 39216
Brown Stella W PhD
(601) 362-2624
1775 Lelia Dr, Jackson, MS 39216
Wellington Institute
(601) 487-8429
5360 Executive Pl, Jackson, MS 39206
Jeanette Rains Phd
(601) 984-4820
2500 N State St, Jackson, MS 39216
Adams Robert A PhD
(601) 366-3660
2906 N State St, Jackson, MS 39216
G F Beissel Dr
(601) 713-2702
1350 E Woodrow Wilson Ave, Jackson, MS 39216
Dunn Joseph R Dr
(601) 981-6981
3000 Old Canton Rd, Jackson, MS 39216
Elias-Hooper, Teresa Psy.D., Ltd
(601) 982-8531
4500 I 55 N Ste 234, Jackson, MS 39211
Austin James B Dr
(601) 982-8700
1855 Crane Ridge Dr, Jackson, MS 39216
Allin John M Jr PhD
(601) 714-4477
1600 N State St, Jackson, MS 39202
Douglas O Draper Dr
(601) 982-8531
4500 I 55 N Ste 234, Jackson, MS 39211
Elias-Hooper, Teresa Psy.D., Ltd. Highland Village
(601) 982-8531
4500 I 55 N Ste 234, Jackson, MS 39211
Morris & Mcdaniel Inc
(601) 353-0640
741 N Congress St, Jackson, MS 39202
Donald Raggio
(601) 984-5236
2500 N State St, Jackson, MS 39216
E Fontaine John Dr
(601) 982-8700
1855 Crane Ridge Dr, Jackson, MS 39216
Mayfield Gary K PhD ACSW LCSW
(601) 984-6650
2500 N State St, Jackson, MS 39216
Brown, Mary Evelyn Dr
(601) 981-1008
1818 Crane Ridge Dr, Jackson, MS 39216
Featured Article

What Does Child Psychology Offer You?

by: Aron Joshua

What is Child Psychology?

Child psychology has been accredited as one of the most successful careers of 21st century. Though, it is not very different from other branches of the same science but when it comes to practice child psychology, it means all the research work, analysis and counseling would only deal with youngsters, their behavior and nature. A child psychologist is focused on youngsters from their babyhood to adolescence, and he studies each and everything about the behavior, nature and character of a youngster to help him develop his personality.

What Can We Do Being A Child Psychologist and How?

For practicing as a child psychologist, a student has to pursue a doctorate degree in child psychology, where he can choose children and family as his major subject. Besides counseling kids and their parents, child psychologist can also work in research and development field where they work for the betterment and development of kids. They can work on various levels but their job would only be dealing with kids because when a student chooses to study child psychology as his majors, he intends to specialize in knowing and understanding kids' behavior as well as personalities. Even though, he would be aware of adults' psychology but his specialty would only be limited to children.

After completing a doctorate degree, one must also pursue additional courses in the respective fields as they are very helpful for acquisition of license governed by the state, which usually takes a lot of time following government rules and regulations. Moreover, these additional courses significantly enhance the worth of a child psychologist. With enough knowledge and experience, you can get several jobs with very attractive income. A child psychologist, besides practicing his services in his clinic and working in the research department, can work as school counselor, where his goal is to teach kids about their behavior and help them in sorting out their problems.

What about Professional? How Can They Enter This Field?

Though, child psychology offers very good career opportunities but everyone is not able to pursue it because of some reasons; firstly, because psychology is not an easy subject and one can only succeed with it if he has a lot of interest and secondly because majority of people who are interested in this field are unable to continue with their busy schedules and professional life. However, they can solve this problem by pursuing an online degree in child psychology. There are several universities that offer online degrees in child psychology; and anyone can get benefit from such services. Online degree in child psychology is almost 75% cheaper as compared to regular studies. But the biggest benefit is that it helps your time schedule.

The scope of child psychologists is constantly increasing and in future, this field would have a lot of respect as well as money. Interested students and professionals can easily apply for an online degree in psychology from any of the universities that offer accredited degrees. In this way, they would be able to gain a professional degree with their existing time schedules and work. Moreover, they get a very low price for the entire process of getting an online degree. So, if anyone is interested in getting an online degree in child psychology, he must apply without any delays.

For further information on online psychology degrees and top accredited universities, please visit http://www.psychologydegree.ws/masterspsychologydegree.html