Free Psychologist - Discover the Natural Doctor That Sends You Precious Messages in Dreams

by: Christina Sponias

I was having a discussion with a few people today, and we were talking about psychotherapy and the psychologists that are around today. When I told them that by translating your dreams you don't need any other psychologist besides the unconscious mind that produces them, someone told me that of course the presence of a person with those that have psychological problems is indispensable for their psychotherapy.

I explained to them that this is not necessary at all, because the unconscious mind is like a person, a person inside you sending you dream messages in order to protect you from craziness and despair.

You have an open communication with the unconscious mind. You ask questions, and receive the answers in dream images, which you translate into words.

If you know the dream language you can easily understand the unconscious' messages and see what your mistakes are, how you can correct them, why you are depressed, what the solutions for your case are, and much more.

This is very simple now that you have my work clarifying everything that Carl Jung could not explain, and the huge list with the meaning of the most important dream symbols that I discovered by translating thousands of dreams for 19 years.

The free psychotherapist you'll discover will show you so many things about yourself and your behavior that just by learning about what is happening to you, you'll already feel supported.

While all human doctors ignore many things and don't care about your problem as much as you do, the unconscious mind that knows everything about you and your life is constantly following all your steps, and helping you in all ways with its indications, not only in your dreams as well as with the things that happen with you and with others close to you, giving you information in a symbolic form even when you are awake.

After learning the dream language you'll understand what the symbolic meaning of everything is, and this information will help you learn more about the reality you live in. You'll see hidden points that today you cannot perceive.

Don't be lazy, because if you don't care about the meaning of your dreams, you won't be helped as you could be, and the bitter truth is that you need help for sure.

How do I know that?

Everyone needs psychotherapy, because everyone is threatened by craziness. The content existent in the wild and primitive side of the human brain is too absurd and it lives trying to invade the human side of everyone's conscience.

It has the power to provoke dizziness, fainting, emptiness in our minds and hallucinations, and it can beat you completely if you are hopeless and ignore this danger.

You have to eliminate it by transforming your wild and evil side into a human one, while learning how to develop all your psychological functions and capacities.

The psychologist you'll discover translating your own dreams will show you everything you need to understand. You'll feel happier immediately, because you'll see that you are not alone.

He is a person without body, and he talks with images instead of words. You'll feel his presence and his support everyday when you learn his language, and you'll love him more than you love any person you know.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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